DIY@Your Library For Teens: Metal Stamping

DIY@Your Library for Teens: Metal Stamping Workshop

What I Did:

Sticking with my theme of offering less-crafty, more fun and maker-y stuff for DIY@Your Library for Teens, I set to Pinterest and started scrolling. I noticed some really cool metal jewelry pinned from Etsy that had bookish things printed on them, like this cool Not All Who Wander Are Lost bracelet. We could totally do that! I set to work gathering supplies, put a couple of metalworking books on hold, and set to work.

What I Bought:

1 set of lower-case 1/8 inch letter stamps (tip: buy these at a discount tool store like Harbor Freight! You won’t get as many cool fonts, but they’re literally a fourth as much as from a hobby story): $12

Twenty or so soft strike jewelry blanks from Hobby Lobby: $10

Jewelry hammer from Hobby Lobby (if I did this again, I’d probably buy regular hammers from Harbor Freight so I could get more – here’s a listing for five hammers for $17) : $10

Jewelry printing block (this is just a heavy block of metal) : $10

So, total cost of the program was $42, but the majority of the items are reusable. I only bought one hammer since I only had two teens registered for the program, but you’d want to scale up if you had a larger turnout.

How It Went:

The good news is that one of my favorite regulars showed up for this program! The bad news is that that’s the only person who did! Bummer. We spent an hour chatting, and she hit stuff with a hammer, so it wasn’t a complete wash. The jewelry from this program looks really cool and industrial, and I think these supplies would make a great addition to a maker space, especially if you bought several sizes and fonts of stamps.

I’ve decided to give this ill-fated program three more months, until December, before I scrap it. Hopefully attendance will pick up, but I’m thinking that the slightly out-of-the-way location, combined with the lack of regulars, might be the kiss of death. We shall see!




4 thoughts on “DIY@Your Library For Teens: Metal Stamping

  1. That sounds like such a cool program! I bet more teens will attend if you wear some of the stamped bracelets around. They might not know exactly what “metal stamping” is but if they see the finished product, I think they would want to join in! I know I would!

      1. The teen and adult programs that we have the best turnouts for are ones we actively promoted by word of mouth to our patrons. I think we have lots of cool ideas but the “official names” don’t mean anything to the audience we want.

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