Drop In and Hang Out: Mandala Coloring

Did you know teens love to color? Yeah, they didn’t know it either. But they do! It’s super soothing and teens get stressed! So this week, I printed off a bunch of sheets from http://www.printmandala.com/, bought a pack of art markers using a sweet 60% off coupon from Joann, and put it all out. I can’t deny, it’s pretty delightful to wander back to the teen area to tidy up and find the bright pages scattered around.

Again, if you are holding back on doing passive programming for teens because you don’t have a budget, give coloring sheets a try! Or print out some Cubee Crafts and throw them out.  Or put out some black out poetry supplies, or a sign for book spine poetry. There are so many awesome, cheap ideas on Pinterest, and I really do believe that having a stealth program going on in the teen area makes teens feel more welcome in the library. Give it a try!


2 thoughts on “Drop In and Hang Out: Mandala Coloring

  1. I -love- passive programs and I completely agree with you; having projects like that handy gives teens a way to interact with the library on their own terms. Do kids have to ask for them, or do you keep the supplies out?

    1. I mostly just leave them out – our teens are pretty responsible and don’t usually trash things too much. Although this week was originally going to be cool mandala tracing onto parchment paper with Sharpies. I just realized that it was either leave the Sharpies at the adult reference desk and hope the teens ask for them (doubtful!) or just put out regular paper and markers. I went with the latter!

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