Drop In and Hang Out: Black Out Poetry

I love blackout poetry as an art form – I’ve got this Austin Kleon print hanging on my wall at home, and it makes me smile every time I look at it. I’ve done black out poetry as a component of programs at previous libraries, and I realized it would make a great passive program! I grabbed a few books from the donation pile that were looking a little too shabby to sell or circulate, cut out a few pages, and threw them in the back with a sign and some markers.

I know at least a few teens were messing around with the materials, because my pages will disappearing. I also found a couple of poems left behind (including one that has elicited great debate between staff as to whether it’s about sexy times or not!) This is a totally easy and free program, and I think it’s kind of empowering to take someone else’s words and use them to say something that’s totally you! Plus any teen interest in poetry is good interest, methinks. Blackout poetry is a great activity to noodle with while you’re chatting with your friends, which is why it was successful in our very social teen area. Why not give it a try?

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