Drop In and Hang Out: Book Spine Poetry

I was looking for an easy passive program that would incorporate National Poetry Month a few weeks ago, so I turned to the old standby: Book Spine Poetry. In case you haven’t seen book spine poetry kicking around the internet, it’s a pretty simple (and awesome!) concept. Some quick Googling tells me it was invented by the always awesome Travis Jonker over at 100 Scope Notes. Anyhow, you simply take books and stack them together so that the titles on the spines create a poem. Kind of like magnetic poetry, except all the books in your collection serve as the building blocks.

I whipped up a quick sign in Canva (speaking of which, if you’re on Canva, add me to your feed so I can see what you’re making!) and put it out. I encouraged teens to tag us on social media if they made a poem.

We didn’t have any teens tag us on social media (I’m slowly staging a take over of the library’s social media, and hoping to make it more teen-friendly and active for everyone), but I did find several stacks of books scattered around the teen area all week. Imma count it as a success, y’all!

Sad to happy


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