Passive Program: Cup Stacking

cup stacking

Okay, pretty much every single week I tell you my boredom buster/passive program is the easiest one, so you’re probably not going to believe me that this is really truly so simple you won’t believe it. Here’s what I did: I put out some paper bathroom cups (three packs – about 150 cups total) and an invitation for kids to stack them. I did also grab a bunch of books about construction and engineering, but this program is far more popular than the work I put in permits! All week kids have been creating stacks (like the one seen above – it wasn’t me who made that pyramid!) – experimenting with different shapes and structures. We’ll occasionally hear the soft “clickityclackcrash” of the cups falling, and then, without fail, a new tower will rise.

Cup stacking is like blocks for kids who think they’re too old and cool to play with blocks. Put them out, and see the collaboration and creation that results!


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