Passive Program: Collaborative Color Wheel

photo 3 (5)

This is a passive program I ripped right out of our school-aged summer series and plopped on the boredom buster table. It’s dead simple, but really fun! I took a piece of white poster board and divided it up into six wedges. I looked up my trusty color wheel colors and wrote in the appropriate colors in each wedge. Then I put out discarded magazines, scissors, and glue, and invited kids to cut things out of the magazines and paste them in the right wedges. I like making collaborative art – I think it’s fun for kids to be a part of something everyone is working on together.

My favorite part of this super simple boredom buster is the excellent collection possibilities. Art books, picture books about colors, books about color mixing, books about light…the list goes on. I grabbed a ton of colorful books and threw them up, and they checked out like crazy.

Okay, I know I’ve said all these boredom busters are easy, but this one really is easy, too! You gotta try some of this stuff if you can claim a table or corner of your library. It’s really good to have an activity out for our school aged kids so they feel like the library is a place that’s welcoming to them no matter when they get here!


One thought on “Passive Program: Collaborative Color Wheel

  1. Great idea! I am borrowing some of your passive program ideas for that awkward time in between the end of summer reading and the beginning of fall programming. Thanks!

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