Picture Book Review: Cold, Crunchy, Colorful by Jane Brocket

If you haven’t seen any of the books in Jane Brocket’s Clever Concepts series, I definitely recommend checking them out today! The series includes books about texture, shapes, colors, numbers, and patterns. Her newest book, Cold, Crunch, Colorful: Using Our Senses, is a great addition. There are a lot of things I really enjoy about the series. They feature minimal text, which makes them great for younger groups, such as toddlers. They’re not illustrated, but they feature full color photographs of the concepts the text describes. The photos are always arranged so deliberately and paired so artfully  that even a city street filled with honking streets becomes beautiful. One of my absolute favorite things about the series, though, is that they branch out beyond the obvious. For example, the shapes book doesn’t just feature squares and circles, but star shapes, egg shapes, and more. Similarly, this senses title doesn’t just talk about how we see things. The page on feeling says “And we feel things through our skin. When the weather is cold and snowy and hot or sunny. When it is cool and windy or wet and rainy.”

My library at least hides these jewels in the non-fiction section, where they sometimes languish. Sometimes busy toddler moms don’t have time to wander over to our nonfiction section and sort through the offerings to find things short enough for their kiddos (note to self: do better cross-promotion and display more nonfiction in the picture book area!). All of the Clever Concepts books make a great addition to this summer’s CLSP reading theme of Fizz, Boom, Read, because if we can’t sense the world around us, how can we do science?!? I would definitely encourage you to grab these excellent books for use with your kiddos today!



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