Passive Program: Origami

Origami Boredom Buster


Y’all. I mean, origami is like a classic thing kids so when they are bored, right? I was super excited to use it as one of my passive programs, but man origami paper is EXPENSIVE! I know the old trick of chopping the edge off a piece of copy paper to make it square, but I really wanted our boredom buster to seem more special than that (plus, I didn’t want to have to cut all the paper. I’m very lazy.) I found the perfect solution is a pad of scrapbooking paper!  It’s pretty cheap if you buy it when it’s half off (I think it was less than ten bucks for 200 sheets), comes in tons of different colors and designs, and it’s big enough for kids to be able to fold things easily. It’s a little too thick for intricate designs, but that’s okay.

I found a super easy fox design from Pintrest, put a ton of origami books out, and made a little sign about what origami is. I must admit I have had lots of kids who have just used the paper and markers for coloring, but hey, fine motor skills!

This is another super easy boredom buster for busy people. Honestly, I think you could leave up an origami display for months, especially if you just switched out the example designs every few weeks.


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