Passive Program: Post It Note Art Gallery

photo 4

photo 1 (4)
Wednesday afternoon

In yet another program I ripped off from Pinterest, a Post It Note Art Gallery! This was as easy as putting out a bunch of post it notes, markers, and colored pencils, plus a sign asking kids to add to our art gallery. I used painter’s tape to mark off an art gallery on the wall, and invited kids to add their own creations. By the end of Wednesday (I change out our Boredom Busters on Tuesdays), the wall was halfway full! By a week later, it was almost completely full.


Two of the many, many things I love about this program are that 1) it’s super cheap. You probably have everything you need right now in the supply closet. And 2) it scales really well from kids who are super young to teens. One of the post its said simply “#YOLO”. Hilariously, another kid wrote “You Obviously Love Oreos” which cracked me up.  Even if you have kids of all ages in your library, even if you have no budget for passive programming, even if you’re exhausted from summer, this is a program you can do!

photo (11)
After a week

5 thoughts on “Passive Program: Post It Note Art Gallery

  1. We just talked about this in a passive programming in-service at my library network. I’m implementing this as soon as my Post-Its show up, I’ll make sure to share pictures! Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. It’s so easy and fun! It was cool to see kids do their own reactions to previous kids’ works. Plus, anything I can do to make kids feel like they have more ownership of the library is awesome by me.

  3. This is such a great way to create a program for kids who only stop by the library to quickly check out books and can’t necessarily attend programs! This is definitely happening at my library as soon as find an empty space for all the art work (thankfully, with post-it notes, I don’t need a HUGE space)!

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