Toddler Time: Emma Dodd

I thought it would be a nice change of pace to do a Toddler Time that a theme based on animals or whatever, but instead do an author. I talked a little about what an author was at the beginning of Toddler Time, and why I like Emma Dodd in particular (’cause she’s awesome!) I would like to think that by talking about things like authorship, I’m encouraging parents to talk to their toddlers about all kinds of different topics – even hard ones! I also just like exposing my parents to different authors – I know how hard it is to find good books, and knowing a few authors can be a good way for parents to feel like they have a handle on it.

Opening Song: My Hands Say Hello

Nursery Rhyme: Baa Baa Black Sheep

Nursery Rhyme: Five Fat Sausages

Book: Dog’s Noisy Day by Emma Dodd

I love the dog books soooo much. They’re just fun to read aloud, and I find that the bold illustrations are popular with toddlers. Anyway, this book is awesome. You definitely want to read it to some kids!

Song: Storytime Cube

Book: I Love Bugs by Emma Dodd

One thing I really enjoy about this book is that it’s not about your typical lovable puppies or kittens or whatever. Nope, it’s unapologetic about creepy crawly bugs! Also the illustrations are adorable.

Activity: Parachute Play

We threw some balls on top of the parachute and let the kids bounce them around today. The parachute continues to amaze and entertain, and I am continually relieved that I don’t have to come up with cutesy songs every week. Win – win – win.

Book: Forever by Emma Dodd

This is an incredibly sweet book about parental love. It’s a little on the small side for sharing, but if you use a document projector than that won’t matter (I don’t have any understanding of this sorcery, but I’ve heard of it in story and song). There are a lot of silvery highlights in the pages, which makes it seem kind of magical.

Shaker Song: Shake It to the East

Shaker Song: Shaking your Shaker!

Song: Rum Pum Pum

Goodbye Song: Goodbye, Goodbye I’ll See You Soon

Emma Dodd is a really excellent toddler author – one of the best. You can tell that she writes her books with an ear toward how they will sound when they’re read aloud. That makes a big difference! It’s also incredibly difficult to find books that are short enough for toddlers to sit through. Anyhoo, this was a fun storytime – I definitely feel encouraged to do more storytimes based on authors and illustrators!


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