Picture Book Review: The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf by Mark Teague

I can hear you now: why oh why do we need another version of The Three Little Pigs? And for the most part, I hear ya. There are so, so many of these. In my opinion, this version, however, from Mark Teague, is really a stand out — especially as a readaloud to groups.

One thing I really enjoy about this story is that though it’s a funny and a bit updated (the first little pig rides a scooter, two of the pigs are more interested in junk food than building a good house), it’s not SO fractured as to be unrecognizable. In fact, the bones of the story are pretty traditional. There is plenty of humor (when the wolf blows down the straw house, he says “I can’t believe that worked!” because, of course, he’s never blown down a house before.

There’s also a strong redemptive theme – after he collapses from trying to blow down the brick house, he apologizes for what he did when he was hungry and couldn’t think straight. He’s very embarrassed, and  everyone ends up being friends.

Teague’s art style is recognizable here, with bright, expressive animals filling the pages from edge to edge.

This book would be an excellent read aloud for anyone who can sit still for a slightly longer book – older preschoolers or early elementary students in groups, or very patient toddlers as a lapsit.


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