Colorful Bird Guessing Game

Because I’m a wimp, I decided to go with colors for my storytime themes during our Winter Session. I figured that color are nice and wide themes that offer lots of opportunities to use different books. I wanted to make an interactive board that I could use every week. I was originally going to snag a board with cars and garages that our Early Literacy committee made for an awesome transportation themed play and learn, but alas, those are in the wind at one of our branches. Then, in a flash of brilliance, I remembered that I had a lot (like a LOT) of paper plates cut in half from a hedgehog craft last year during SRP. So, I painted them a different colors, cut out some felt birds, and came up with a rhyme. Here’s the result:

Birds in Nests

Each week, I’ll take out all the birds, and for each bird, we’ll say:

Little bird, you’ve flown so far, 
and now you need to rest.
Fly back and sleep in your RED (or yellow, or orange) nest.

I think my toddlers will definitely enjoy the game-like aspect of this, and they really enjoy the songs we repeat every week! I’ll report back on how it goes!


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