Toddler Time: Bears

I am always hesitant to do storytimes that emphasize particular holidays too much, even though I realize almost everyone celebrates Christmas. I just hate it if even one kid feels left out, plus, it’s not like kids aren’t excited enough about Christmas, anyway! So, I figure bears are seasonally appropriate and fun, plus there are some cool books out there about bears!

Opening Song: My Hands Say Hello

Nursery Rhyme: Baa Baa Black Sheep

Nursery Rhyme: Five Fat Sausages

Opening Fingerplay: Dance Your Fingers Up

Bear Feels Scared

Book: Bear Feels Scared  by Karma Wilson

I really, really enjoy Bear. Although the Bear books are a tiny bit on the long side for the younger toddlers, they’re really fun to read out loud, and they go pretty fast. I just super enjoy the text, and I think it has a really strong rhythm. We read Bear Snores On for our bedtime storytime, so it was fun to revisit an old friend. I also have a couple of kiddos who are pretty reluctant to interact with other people, and I appreciate that Bear is scared, but things are okay in the end. Also, Jane Chapman’s illustrations could not be any better!

Song: Where is Bear?

This excellent song came from – they have a really cool selection of “winter animal” songs. I definitely want to do a winter animal storytime some time soon! I do wish I had some puppets to act out the bear parts, but using our fists let everyone participate, so there ya go.

Where is bear? Where is bear?
Here I am. Here I am.
How are you this winter?
Very tired, thank you.
Go to sleep. Go to sleep.
(Have kids shout “WAKE UP BEAR” to do the song again.)

Book: Polar Bear Night by Lauren Thompson

This book is freaking beautiful. Stephen Savage’s illustrations do a great job of showing the color and energy that even the snow-covered north is full of, and Lauren Thompson’s text incorporates amazing vocabulary. I enjoyed highlighting some animals that aren’t your normal pig, cow, and duck – the whales and seals feel so fresh. It was also a nice book to read to calm everyone down; it is billed as a bedtime book, and is incredibly soothing.

Storytime Cube: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I’m a Little Teapot

A quick song break for some randomly chosen songs from our cube.

Book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr.

Oh Brown Bear. I just couldn’t do a bear storytime without you, now could I? Clearly a favorite with anyone who has ever read it, although one of the moms was less excited. I think having to read it every night for five months will do that to ya!

Shaker Song: Shake It to the East

Shaker Song: Shaking your Shaker!

Song: Rum Pum Pum

Goodbye Song: Goodbye, Goodbye I’ll See You Soon

This storytime was excellent fun! We had a solid turnout of regulars at my first toddler time. My second toddler time started with one kid and ended up with eight! It’s strange how the trickle of people adds up so fast! All these books are winners, and I would use any of them again in a flash!


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