Toddler Time: Quiet and Loud

A foray into opposites that was much more successful than when I tried Big and Small. Maybe because they’re words used as commands more? Who knows.

Opening Song: My Hands Say Hello

Nursery Rhyme: Baa Baa Black Sheep

Nursery Rhyme: Five Fat Sausages

Opening Fingerplay: Dance Your Fingers Up

The Baby Goes Beep

Book: The Baby Goes Beep by Rebecca O’Connell

LOVE Rebecca O’Connell. LOVE! Her books are so great for babies and toddlers. This book is silly and fun, and Ken Wilson-Max did an excellent job with the illustrations. They’re bright and fun to share.

Song: Quiet and Loud Movement

An excellent song from Mrs. Andre’s Library. Very fun and participatory, and easy for even little kids to do.

Quietly, quietly not a sound
I’m listening and listening
As I look around.
No sounds as I nod (nod head)
No sounds as I clap (clap hands)
No sounds as I tap my hands on my lap (tap)

Loudly, loudly stomp and clap
Loudly, loudly stomp and clap
Loudly, loudly stomp and clap
All that noise, well fancy that!

Book: Shhh by Kevin Henkes

Our copy of Shhh was so beat up that I had to withdraw it after this storytime. Whch is a shame, because it’s an excellent book! It worked incredibly well for storytime, even though it was a tad bit on the small side. I don’t get to shush much in my job, so it was kind of fun to have an excuse to!

Song: Two Little Blackbirds Sitting on a Cloud

The children’s librarian who I learned to do storytimes from always did a two little blackbirds variation with her preschoolers. I love how many variations there are on it, and how fun it is!

Two little blackbirds sitting on a cloud,
one named quiet and one named LOUD!
Fly away, quiet! Fly away, LOUD!
Come back, quiet! Come back, LOUD!

Instrument Play: Marmalade and Jam

Smith Public Library posted this PDF of one of their storytime sheets. It’s full of great ideas, including this Marmalade and Jam rhyme. I thought since we were doing soft and loud, it was a great excuse to get out a lot of the instruments we don’t get to use very often, like the bells, rhythm sticks, and those ones that look like wooden cups with a mallet-y stick (anybody know their actual name? I do not!). It was also good to practice our storytime philosophy of “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”, since I passed out the instruments and didn’t allow trade ins. I’m such a meanie!

Bread and Butter
Marmalade and Jam
We play our instruments
As quietly as we
Hello! (quietly)

Bread and Butter
Marmalade and Jam
We play our instruments
As loudly as we can:
Hello! (loudly)

Book: Stop Snoring, Bernard by Zachariah Ohora

Man, this book is totally adorable. Also, as someone who’s often subjected to snoring, I totally relate to the grumpy otter’s anger. A happy ending for all makes this an excellent and fun book, although perhaps one better appreciated by slightly older kids.

Shaker Song: Shake It to the East

Shaker Song: Shaking your Shaker!

Song: Rum Pum Pum

Goodbye Song: Goodbye, Goodbye I’ll See You Soon

This was  fun storytime, because we got to use the instruments, and we read lots of fun books. I would definitely do it again – maybe as part of an opposites series?!?


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