Toddler Time: Worms!

Continuing the dig into reading theme with my favorite underground and wiggly friends – worms!

Opening Song: My Hands Say Hello

Nursery Rhyme: Hickory Dickory Dock and Diddle Diddle Dumpling

Opening Fingerplay: Open Them, Shut Them

Book: Noodle and Lou by Liz Garton Scanlon

I LOVE this book. The words seem almost Seuss-ian in terms of their rhyme and rhythm. A delight to read out loud, and the bright illustrations are easy enough to see to be a good story time pick. I think this book would also be a hit with preschoolers!

Felt Story: The Little Wiggle Worm

Originally posted on Preschool Plan It as a fingerplay, I did this as a feltboard. I just grabbed a clip-art worm, and freehanded the clouds and puddles. It was…okay. I kind of flubbed the words because I didn’t prepare enough. I am also finding myself more and more favoring flannel boards that are more interactive. This was fine, though, and now I have a felt worm!

The little wiggle worm
Went crawling underground.
Down Came the rain
And then mud was all around.
The rain filled their tunnels
And pushed out the little worm.
And soon the puddles on the ground
Were the only place to squirm.

Book: Ned’s New Home by Kevin Tseng

This book is so witty and charming! It has great opportunities to guess which fruit Ned will make his home in each time, and it’s fun to try to figure out what will go wrong! I think this was a TINY bit over the toddler’s heads — the old ones knew what was going on, but not the younger ones. Definitely will be using this for outreach and preschool storytimes, though!

Free Dance:  Walter the Waltzing Worm by Hap Palmer

I put on Walter the Waltzing Worm and passed out our wrist ribbons. I intended to let them do a free dance, but there wasn’t much dancing going on. I pretty much just shouted out random movements “wave your ribbons over your heads!” and they did them. It was fun, but our meeting room was SO HOT all the movement made me sweaty!

Action Rhyme: 

Snagged from Storytimes with Marissa, this was a fun little action rhyme! I wrote the words on the white board that’s connected to my felt board, because I realized it’s easier for the adults to sing when, well, they know what to sing!

Here are some worms who are, oh, so sad.
They’ve lost all the wiggles that they once had.
They wonder if you, just for today
would lend them your wiggles so they can play.

Wiggle them up and wiggle them down
Wiggle the worms around and around
Wiggle them high and wiggle them low
Wiggle them fast and wiggle them slow
Wiggle them over your shoes and your socks
Then wiggle them back into their box.

Storytime Song: If You Want to Hear a Story

Since the toddlers are so excited and were having trouble settling, I’m starting to incorporate more “sit on down” songs. This one worked a treat!
If you want to hear a story, clap your hands!
If you want to hear a story, clap your hands!
If you want to hear a story, if you want to hear a story, if you want to hear a story, 
Clap your hands!
(sit right down, be very quiet)

Book: Worms for Lunch by Leonid Gore

A little long, but fun guessing and silly-ness all around. I ended up closing it halfway through because we were all ready to do our shaker songs!

Shaker Songs: We’re Going to Kentucky and Shake Your Shakers High

Song: Rum Pum Pum

Goodbye Song: Goodbye, Goodbye I’ll See You Soon

A pretty awesome toddler time, even though it was SUPER hot in our meeting room. They’re working on the AC, and I swear I almost sweated ten pounds off. One mom mentioned during play that she’d love it if we did all the songs twice — so I think we’ll try that for a while! I also tried out hand stamps this week (we did W for WORMS!) and it went over really well. I’m going to keep it up — it gives padding time for parents to show up late, and gives kids a chance to come up to me and interact. It was also a fun way to start – it’s very easy to say, “what do you guys think we’re going to read about today? What starts with W and lives in the dirt?”

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