Picture Book Review: Pug & Doug by Steve Breen

Pug and Doug are best friends. They both like doing the same things (like dancing to Polka music) and they hang out every day. But when Pug starts acting strange, Doug’s feelings get hurt. Have no fear, though, friends! Pug manages to figure out what’s happening and races to fix the situation (jet pack included!). In the end, Pug and Doug realize they were both being a little silly, and decide to talk things out in the future instead of jumping to conclusions.

I found Breen’s multimedia art to be really charming and quirky, and there’s lots of jokes to spot in the illustrations (the boys watch Jurassic Bark together while munching on popcorn). Pug and Doug both have excellent expressions that communicate how delightful (and stressful!) a true friendship can be.

This book is definitely recommended for reading one-on-one with your favorite kiddo. I think even older elementary schoolers would enjoy this book because of the silliness. I’d also try it with an outreach group – it could be fun to do a “misunderstanding” storytime!


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