YA Book Review: Pretty Girl-13

Angie leaves her tent on a Girl Scout camping trip to pee, and wakes up three years later, dirty and confused, on the street

Pretty Girl-13

in front of her house. What happened in the intervening years is a complete mystery to her — that is, until the personalities her brain developed to protect her from her ordeal start to make themselves known. Can she piece together her history — and does she even want to?

Pretty-Girl 13 by Liz Coley definitely intrigued me with its unique premise. Despite the fact that dissociative identity disorder (also known as multiple personality disorder!) is so rare and complicated that many mental health professionals doubt it exists at all, it is incredibly intriguing. The idea that the human mind can go to such lengths to protect itself is awe-inspiring.

The most interesting parts of  Pretty Girl-13 are those in which Angie is dealing with her multiples, and the confusion and frustration she feels is well conveyed. The rest of the book, including the plot and the characters, are spotty at best. There are some coincidences and developments the bend believably almost to the point of breaking, the love interest once Angie returns to school is a bit too perfect, and everything gets wrapped up so neatly that it’s almost unsatisfying. Nonetheless, this book is a fairly quick read and definitely recommended for teen fans of psychological thrillers or those with a fascination with kidnapping cases.


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