YA Book Review: Teeth by Hannah Moskowitz

I figure since I’m reading lots of young adult books anyway, I’d let you guys know what I thought of ’em! So, I’m going to start posting a weekly YA Book review, just for something a little different.


One of the strangest and most engaging books I’ve read so far this year, Teeth by Hanna Moskowitz isn’t like anything else on the shelves.

Rudy had the most normal of normal lives. That is, until his family moves to a strange island populated with magical fish that have the power to heal. Why does a young family need to live on an isolated and desolate island with healing fish? Because Rudy’s little brother is dying at the ripe old age of three.  Lonely and bored and being driven half-mad by the screaming sea, Rudy is desperate for something to do. He didn’t expect that something to come in the form of a fishboy. Nothing like the mythical mermaids you know, Teeth is angry and freakish and completely enchanting to Ruby. But how can Ruby balance out Teeth’s desire to save the magical fish with his brother’s need to live?

This book is incredibly thought provoking and heartbreaking. Full of the most difficult decisions these characters will ever have to make, this magical realism title offers no easy answers.  Even if you’ve read every single paranormal romance about creatures and people trapped between two worlds, you’ve never read anything like this.

Recommended for folks who like their stories dark, or those who are looking for truly strange and innovative modern fairy tales.


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