Toddler Time: Monsters!

There are a ton of super-cute monster books, and it’s never to early to not be scared of people just because they’re hairy…or something. Here we go!

Opening Song: My Hands Say Hello

Nursery Rhyme: Hickory Dickory Dock and Diddle Diddle Dumpling

Opening Fingerplay: Open Them, Shut Them

Book: Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli by Barbara Jean Hicks

I really enjoy the rhythm of this book, and I think the illustrations have just enough going on to be visually interesting, while still being readable from a distance. The toddlers all listened rapt for this one, but I’m not sure they understood that the kids at the end were the monsters all along. No worries, it was still fun!

Song: You Put Your Claws In

I snagged this variation of the Hokey Pokey from Storytime Katie. I really like using well-known tunes because I feel like it’s less scary for the kids and easier for them to understand what’s going on.

You put your claws in,
You take your claws out,
You put your claws in,
and you wave ’em all about.
You do the wild rumpus and
you turn yourself around.
That’s what it’s all about!

(you put your tail in, you put your spikes in…)

Book: Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters by Jane Yolen

This is a really sweet story with just enough text for the toddlers. Since my disastrous (well, less than successful) Big and Little storytime a few weeks ago, I’ve really been working to make sure my books are short enough for toddlers, and can hold their attention. This book has really great, saturated illustrations, and there is so much to look at on every page. Everyone was a very good listener during this book!

Flannel: Go Away, Big Green Monster

As soon as I read Go Away, Big Green Monster by Ed Emberly, I knew it would make an awesome but simple flannel. Luckily, Kizclub came through again with a great pattern.

Song: I’m a Little Monster
Modified from a song I found on Laptime and Storytime to the tune of I’m a Little Teapot. Cute and fun! I used our friendly monster puppet to lead the rhyme, but I got a little into it and was too scary. Well, not too scary, but one kid looked surprised. I took friendly monster around and let everyone pet her after the song.

I’m a little monster short and stout
Here is my tail and here is my snout
When I get all angry hear me roar
Roaaaaar, run for the door.

Book: If You’re a Monster and You Know It by Rebecca and Ed Emberly

Kendra mentioned on Read Sing Play that she finds singing a book in babytime is a smoother and more engaging experience than reading a book. I sang this book (I mean, how could you not!), and I do think that it’s more fun for the toddlers and me that way. They really helped me out with the roaring and clicking your claws and such in this book.

Shaker Songs: We’re Going to Kentucky and Shake Your Shakers High

Song: Rum Pum Pum

Goodbye Song: Goodbye, Goodbye I’ll See You Soon

This was a really fun storytime. We had more families than usual (although why, I can’t say!), and all of our parents were really good joiners. I will definitely be repeating this theme in the future — there are so many books I didn’t get to read yet!


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