Toddler Time: Shapes

Still sticking with easy peasy themes as I settle in to doing Toddler Time. This week, shapes were the order of the week!

Opening Song: Hello Song

Nursery Rhymes: Hickory Dickory Dock and Diddle Diddle Dumpling

Story: Perfect Square by Michael Hall

I really like this simple story about a square who learns all the cool stuff he can be, but it really fell flat with the group. They just weren’t interested. I pulled their attention back by talking about the colors on each page, but I think it might be too abstract for my toddler group.

Action Rhyme: Big Round Sun

The toddlers were very wiggly during Perfect Square, so I rearranged my story time to move the action rhyme up some. I got this song from Mel at Mel’s Desk. It’s simple enough for even the smallest kiddos to do with help from their caregivers.

Big round sun in the summer sky
(Hold arms in circle over head)
Waved to a cloud that was passing by
The little cloud laughed as it started to rain
(Wiggle fingers downward for rain)
And out came the big round sun again.
(Hold up arms in circle above head again)

Story: It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G Shaw

The little ones were still antsy during this book, but they were pretty good guessers when we were figuring out what the shapes looked like. Some of them are so hard! I would never have guessed it looked like a great horned owl! I skipped a few pages because they were losing interest fast.

Song: Where Is Triangle? 

I modified a song I found online that’s sung to the tune of Where is Thumbkin.  We did only two verses: triangle and circle.

We sang:

Where is triangle?
Where is triangle?
(make a triangle with fingers)
Here I am!
Here I am!
I am very pointy.
I am very pointy.
Yes I am.
Yes I am.
(hide hands behind back).

Flannel: Summer Shapes

I saw the summer shapes flannel on Storytime Katie and loved it! My toddlers seemed to like the guessing aspect, even though they didn’t actually say many guesses out loud. It was fun to interact with them during stories in a more free-form way.

Story: Dot by Patricia Intriago

This book was definitely the favorite of story time! Kids definitely got in to guessing what  the words were or talking about how they knew the dots were hard or soft.  It kept their attention really well.

Shaker SongsWe’re Going to Kentucky and We Shake our Shakers High

Song: Rum Pum Song

Goodbye Song: Goodbye, Goodbye I’ll See You Soon

Even though this was a pretty small group, they were quite antsy! They really were excited to play after we finished the stories, and I think the overcast weather was making everyone feel a little stir crazy!



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