Picture Book Round Up!

Since my job change, I’ve been working toward reading and reviewing at least a few picture books every day.  Some days, I focus on authors, and on other days, I just grab some books of the storytime shelf or from the stacks and read ’em.

This week, I started checking out some of the books from the New York Time’s best picture books of the year. Stephen and the Beetle was a bit too odd for me, and I’m not sure if it would appeal to kids. Red Knit Cap Girl and House Held Up By Trees were both has an artsy-feel, but worked better as picture books than Stephen.

I spent a day reading several of Keiko Kasza’s books, including Ready for Anything,  Dog Who Cried Wolf, Silly Goose’s Big Story, Badger’s Fancy Meal, Dorothy and Mikey and Don’t Laugh, Joe! While I thought all  of the books I looked at would be popular with some kids, I thought the animal-centric lesson-learning a little heavy-handed for my taste.

Greg E. Foley’s quirky works also drew a day of my attention. Willoughby and the Lion, Willoughby and the Moon, Make a Wish Bear, and Purple Little Bird all got annotations from me. While I enjoy the fact that Foley plays with the conventions of printing in the Willoughby series, they were just too self-consciously quirky for me. Make a Wish Bear and Purple Little Bird charmed me more with their simple illustrations and sweet stories.

I finished up the week with a variety of stories. Head over to Goodreads to check out my reviews of Small Bunny’s Blue Blanket, Peanut, Can You Make a Scary Face?  and I’m a Turkey!




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