On Being New and Adjusting

So, I’ve been at my kinda-sorta-new job for about a month now, and I’m finally getting to the point where I’m…absolutely not settled in at all. Every single time I start a new job, or internship, or volunteer position, or whatever, I forget how terribly awkward and out of place I’m going to feel for the first six months or so.

The most difficult part, I think, is figuring out what I should be working on all the time. In this case, it’s a really big challenge, because the pace here at my new library is so. much. slower. than at my old one. There will be looooong stretches of time when there aren’t any patrons on the floor. And since I haven’t been given any programs of my very own yet, it’s difficult to fill my time. I’d work on committee work, but those are all super-quiet at the moment. I try to grab a few books to annotate/review each day, but if I’m on the ref desk, that kind of makes me look unapproachable. I try to soak up professional development materials, but then my ADD kicks in. Aaack!

Things are slooooowly getting better, and luckily, the entire team of people I’m working with is super nice. But there’s no question that doing a new job brings up all kinds of weird feelings.

Stay tuned for more details of my transition from super-awkward to super-awesome (I hope.) and, new this week, picture book reviews (I gotta practice my skillz somewhere, ya know).


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